In a talk deriving from the depths of her own existence, Elsa Demo allows the audience to pierce inside her life, or as she herself describes it, “a life of silence, a life of dead words.” Elsa admits that she has chosen cultural journalism to seek answers through art, to express herself or as Thomas Elliot says as "an escape from your own personality".

She believes that by dealing with words and styles, one is able to process its consciousness and "educate its emotions", which is of paramount importance when found in extreme circumstances. Elsa studied literature at the Faculty of Philology, University of Tirana and since 2000 contributes with her writings to some of the major daily newspaper. She is the author of numerous articles, essays, reportage and analyzes and since 2017 the author of a TV program on culture, "Arkapia".

Alongside publicist and scholar Ardian Klosi, Elsa has published two documentary and literary anthologies: the first depicts life under the dictatorship in Albania "Albania recalls 1944-1991", and "Albania tells 1991-2010". She has published in several Albanian and foreign journals/magazines such as: "Hylli i Dritës", "At Zef Pllumi speaks to journalists", "Poeteka" and "Wagnis der Erinnerung". In 2009, Elsa was awarded the Woytila Prize at the international competition "Mediterranean Journalists" in Italy. Currently, she is completing her doctoral studies at the Center for Albanological Studies, Tirana.