There is a wall of memory through which all observations are filtered into a personal experience. How do we perceive our environment and why do some elements attract us more than others. In his project “Cycling Cities” architect and filmmaker Jord den Hollander filmed an endless series of comparable cycling tours through the Metropoles of the world.

In Crossing the Road he examines the underlying human factor that defines the common layar of our built environment Sometimes guided by the stories of children, sometimes referring to the fantastic travel maps of the Roman era and sometimes helped by the science fiction stories of Jules Verne.

Jord den Hollander Jord den Hollander is a Dutch architect and filmmaker. After getting his master degree in architecture he was educated in script-writing at the London Film School, which has enabled him to combine both disciplines in numerous projects. His designs vary from adventurous mobile libraries to playful pu umphouses, always a mix of architecture and art. His 2010 design of a mobile children s library was based on the cinematic language and became literally a “moving experience”.The building of his 2011 design, “a Centre for Architecture for children”, was filmed as an educational project for television and was nominated for the “Outstanding Colour” prize in 2014. Meanwhile, his 2015 BOTEL project, a floating hotel in the harbour of Amsterdam, has been nominated for the Amsterdam Architecture Prize 2016. Jord’s architectural work has been awarded and internationally published in magazines and books while he received many international awards for his television series, films and documentaries.