In he's speech, Kim Mehmeti turns back to everyone's roots, to childhood, home, to mothers, to innocence. In an actual and emotional confession he walks in his previous steps to think again about the way we are being raised and where do we want to go.

Kim Mehmeti is a leading and innovative prose writer from the Albanian community in FYROM. He was born in Gërçec near Skopje, where he now lives and works. Kim was the head of the Skopje-based “Centre for Multi-cultural Understanding and Cooperation” that has been systematically working on developing a multiethnic communication in the country, by bringing together all ethnicities in joint projects. He works with the International Foundation for Culture, is a member of the Independent Writers' Association of Macedonia and the contributor to the leading independent Albanian-language weekly, “Lobi”. Kim is the author of 11 volumes of prose and winner of several awards.